No Holes Pool Fence Benefits

A well-kept pool is a great feature in your home as it provides memorable bonding moments with your family or an ideal solution to staying cool on hot summer afternoons. As such, you will need to secure your pool with a good pool fence. Pool fences are important as they help reduce incidences of accidents and they do enhance safety for children and pets. If you want a fence around your pool, consider having a no holes pool fence. With a no holes pool fence, you will never deal with the cost of maintaining a permanent fence. Here are the pros and cons of no holes pool fence.


  • Durable

As a matter of fact, you will not need your pool during the colder seasons unless you decide to hold special occasions year-round. If your pool fence is irremovable, bad weather such as snowy weather can negatively affect the lifespan of the pool fence. With a no holes pool fence, your pool will only have a fence during special occasions, and you can have it removed during the colder seasons. As such, you get to reduce the chances of rust, and as a result, you extend the usability of the fence.

  • Flexibility

A pool fence protects your children and pets in that they are prevented from falling into the pool. Preventing your children or pets is one of the most important and common reasons why you should purchase a no holes pool fence. Unsupervised conduct around the pool can result in children drowning. With a removable pool fence, you can remove it when your children are not around or when they become old enough. If you want to maintain dependable pool safety, a sturdy, temporary fence is a great choice as you can store it when you don’t need it. It is also a good investment for renters as they get to avoid being confronted by their landlord.

  • Secure and stable deck

The no holes pool fence requires no drilling holes in the ground around your pool for installation. As such, your deck will remain stable even after installation.

  • Cost

In this era, the cost of maintaining a pool is high and so are the costs of purchasing and installing a permanent fence. With a no holes pool fence, the cost of installing a new fence is reduced significantly. The good thing about owning a removable fence is that you can simply assemble it and you will worry less about installation costs or teams to help fix the fence. The process of installing a no holes fence is short and simple as you will only need a demonstration from your dealer.



  • Storage space

The no holes pool fence has its flaws. Despite its good benefits, this kind of pool fence requires homeowners to have ample storage space to store the fence when not in use. This can be a setback to those with no storage space.

  • Not Qualify For Code

Most cities have their own pool fencing code in place. You might need to check your local pool fence codes. The No Holes Pool Fence is not a permanent pool fence, it might not work if you need your pool fence to adhere to code.

  • Obstructive pool view

Another disadvantage of the no holes pool fence is the fact that it obstructs the view of your pool. Depending on the nature of the fence, the view of the pool might be interfered with.

  • Cumbersome and time-consuming

Setting up this kind of fence may require a substantial amount of time especially when you are alone. Setting up and pulling it down is a time-consuming process.


Keep Your Pool Safe – Get No Holes Pool Fence!





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