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No Holes Pool Fence


Guardian Pool Fence Systems is proud to introduce the new revolutionary "No Holes" Pool Fence.  This incredible system is not found anywhere else in the world.  Years of design and engineering have been put into creating this innovative product that will not require any holes to be placed in the deck.  This system is easy for the user to assemble, it of course requires no holes in the ground, and is portable.  It is a must-have for pool owners. 



The goal of the "No Holes" Pool Fence is to eliminate all accidental pool related death by limiting access to the pool from outside of the pool area.  This fence is also portable and removable.


The two parts to the fence are the base and the fence.  This does not require any permanent foundation of any kind.  In order to assemble the portable "No Holes" Pool Fence, all that needs to be done is to connect the bases to each other and then fill them up with water.  The water serves as weight to keep the fence in place. Each one of these bases individually weighs around 65lbs after being filled with water but when they are connected the bases combined weight is in the hundreds if not thousands of pounds making them secure and immovable. Once the bases have been properly placed and set up you can then install the guardian premier pool fence into the no holes pool fence bases with ease, just as you would with a normal in ground installation. 


No Holes Pool Fence By Guardian